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On This Hubbub About Android Browser Vs. iOS Browser

So yesterday the internet was abuzz with a report from some company trying to make a name for itself that claimed they had done hundreds of speed tests using an Android phone and an iPhone and that the Android phone was 50% faster at loading web pages.  

It was then discovered that the report was flawed due to improper testing methods and rightly so, made the company look like complete idiots.  It gets really technical, but in a nutshell they didn’t use the real Safari browser in iOS, they used a browser that was built into an app that doesn’t take advantage of speed improvements the actual browser uses.  Here’s a quote from the previous link above to give some context for non techies (I emphasized the important part):

The problem with using UIWebView is that, even though it’s based on Safari, it didn’t receive any of the updates that Safari did in iOS 4.3. Using an embedded browser is not the same as using the official browser.

So yea, perhaps they didn’t know about this limitation, but I’d like to talk about a different flaw in their tests:

The Android phone they were using was a Nexus S, which is the ONLY current phone that runs the most up to date Android OS, Gingerbread 2.3.

So let me get this straight, you are going to do a browser comparison using an OS that less than ONE percent of people using Android have installed on their phone?  You’ve got to be kidding me right?  See the chart:  

So not only did they screw up the test in general by not using the actual Safari browser when comparing to the Android browser, they used a version of the Android OS (and in turn, browser) that BARELY anyone has and most likely WON’T have until many months from now, if at all.  Hell this chart came out this week to announce that FINALLY the amount of people that have upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo had finally gotten above 50%.  An OS that was released TEN whole months ago is just now getting to 60% of users.  Android people HATE when I talk about this and blame the carriers but go ahead and blame them all you want.  This is NEVER going to change because the carriers would rather hold back an update so people are prone to buying a new phone. 

Getting back to my original point, the people who did this browser comparison should crawl into a hole and never come out.   

Android Users, I Need Your Help!

Yes it’s true, this Apple fanatic got a Nexus S a couple days ago.  I’m trying it for 14 days after which I’ll return it and decide my next move for a phone on my current provider, Verizon.  During these 14 days I’m minimizing my use of Apple devices as much as possible.  I need to use the iPad a lot for work but most of my daily tasks I’m on the Nexus S.  I’ll be posting full reviews of how I feel about not only Android as an OS, but also the Nexus S as a device.  After two days there are things I LOVE about it, and of course things that I don’t like so much.  

Since my time is short, I need your help!  I’ve asked my friends on my Facebook page but I’m bringing it to a wider scale now.  First:

I’m curious to know peoples’ thoughts on just why I should stick with Android.  Give me some apps, widgets, or some really cool customizations I can do on this thing that I wouldn’t be able to do on an iDevice.  I’m a tech freak so I’ve been getting along ok for the most part, but I need to hear from the power users!

Next, I was hoping some of you could answer a couple early questions I have:

  1. What is the ONE app which is not a built in Google function that I absolutely MUST have that sets Android apart for competitors? 
  2. How exactly does multitasking work on Android?  How am I supposed to easily know what apps are open and more importantly how am I supposed to easily switch between them?  Is there an app I’m supposed to be using?
  3. How many of you have Flash installed?  I installed it and felt that web browsing was TERRIBLY slow after.  Am I doing something wrong?  

Anything else you could offer would be great!

So, I have this thing for 12 more days after which it’s either back to the iPhone 4 or the best Android device I can get on Verizon which will probably be limited, (which might make this an easy decision).  

What do you have for me Android power users?    

It’s Official, I Hath Turned To The Dark Side

Nexus S Suffering from Reboots Mid-Call?

I read this story on Engadget yesterday and took a look at the Android Issue Tracking site where the case was listed.  Apparently the bug popped up after an over-the-air system update and there are good amount of people affected.  This is MUCH worse problem than the iPhone 4 “antenna-gate” if you ask me.  Your phone rebooting while you’re talking?  That’s WORSE than dropping a call, much worse.   

Google claims that an update is imminent but if you go to the issue tracking page you’ll see that people have been waiting for this for quite some time.  

Why has it not received more attention though?  And is this why we haven’t seen Android 2.3 Gingerbread come to any other phones just yet?

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Not Coming Until April? In the Form of Android 2.4 Gingerbread?

Last week I admitted that I’d be giving Android a chance while I wait for the iPhone 5.  I pre-ordered the HTC Thunderbolt yesterday. Today I’m reading stories that really make me question whether this is the right move.  

Apparently, and this gets a little whacky, it’s reported that Android 2.3 won’t ship on any device other than the Nexus S.  Instead there will be a 2.4 release of Android which also be called Gingerbread and be released sometime in April, which is well after the Motorola Xoom tablet featuring Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” will ship.  Confused yet? Pocket-Lint claims to have the scoop:

"According to our source, the release date of version 2.4 has been brought forward to ensure that dual-core apps designed for Honeycomb (v3.0) will be able to work with single-core devices running v2.4.

Currently, our man on the inside says that’s not possible with version 2.3 (Gingerbread) hence the need to push to the next iteration and version number, but not change the name. It’s most likely to be one of the main reasons we’ve yet to see any major manufacturer gunning to get Android 2.3 handsets out there.”

So assuming this is all true, let’s quickly break this down:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread is released early December 2010 on Nexus S only
  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb for tablets released late February 
  • Android 2.4 Gingerbread to be released sometime in April/May 

So is this the fragmentation I was hearing about?  It must be.  Even Google’s own stats show that Gingerbread is on less than 1% of Android devices.  And that’s a LOT of devices.  If the above info is true, there will be TWO releases of the OS before current Android phones get an update.  

I was giving Android 4 months to win me over before the launch of the iPhone 5.  I haven’t even gotten my Android phone yet and Google is already losing points. 

Yes, I’m Planning on Getting an Android Phone

Crazy I know, I’ve been an iPhone freak for years.  And don’t get the wrong idea, I’m still loyal to the iPhone, but here’s my thought process:

I’ll be starting a new job soon and with that I’ll need to get onto a new phone contract.  I think its clear that the obvious choice is to go with Verizon.  This is most clear because I’ve already visited my new place of employment and the AT&T coverage is non existent.  I mean NOTHING.  It’s as bad as when I’m at the TD Garden for a Celtics game or Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.  

So again, the choice has to be Verizon.  I’ve had an iPhone 4 pretty much since it came out so my thinking is, “what’s the point of getting another iPhone 4 when a newer one could be less than 6 months out?”  I’m a gadget freak!  It’s time for something new.  

So there it is, my next phone will be Android.  Now what to get?

I’d really like the “full” Android experience, one without the crappy “Sense UI’s” or “Motoblur” garbage that carriers put on top of Android.  The only phone like that is the Nexus S, but there’s one problem, it’s on T-Mobile.  In all my research it seems that T-Mobile is not a whole lot better than AT&T so to me, that is a lateral move I’m not willing to make.  Why Google would cripple their flagship phone by locking it to just one carrier is beyond me but there ya go, no Nexus S for me.  

So the phone I’ve zeroed in on is the soon to be released HTC Thunderbolt.  It’s a 4G phone which will allow me a few months of testing time on the new network before I make a decision of whether or not to move back to the iPhone, which hopefully by that point is 4G as well.  The Thunderbolt is also rumored to be the first Verizon phone that can make phone calls while using data at the same time, something that I really care about.  

So there you have it.  I’m giving Android a chance.  It has about 4-5 months to win me over if the cycle of the iPhone holds true.  Will the superior maps and navigation sway me?  Will the absolutely god awful way iOS handles notifications be too difficult to return to?  Keep checking in to Tech Junkie over the next few months to find out.  The test begins when I pick up my new Android phone in the next few weeks.

Heaven help me.  

Where are all the “drop tests” for the Nexus S and other smartphones??

Nexus S Pavement

When the iPhone 4 was released there was no shortage complaints about the phone being “easily breakable”.  Many videos like this one were produced, with people dropping the phone onto the ground to see how easily it would break.  

My take is that ANY phone can break when dropped from just a short distance.  The fact that the iPhone 4 has all glass on the front and back certainly doesn’t help.  But come on, any device can break from the shortest of falls.  

My question is, why haven’t other phones gotten the same treatment?  Why aren’t people firing up their video cameras and dropping away?  Perhaps it’s because of sheer number of iPhone 4’s sold, there were just that many more people dropping them, bringing that many more breaks, and that’s why it was such a big deal.  

I’ve read in a few places that the Nexus S feels cheap due to it’s plastic body.  So I’d like to see how that, and it’s curved display fares in a drop test. 

So LET’S GO BLOGGERS AND TECH GEEKS!  How many drops does it take to break a Nexus S???